PDX Dog Friendly Brewery Passport

Hey folks, we’re Pup Passport, a PDX based dog friendly brewery passport. We make it fun and easy for dog owners to find breweries and ciders to bring your dog and get an exclusive discount at each brewery you visit! We love the dog community, and also the beer and cider communities. We wanted to create a passport that lets dog owners find places to bring their dog. We adopted a puppy recently and didn’t want to leave the little guy at home when we went out. Turns out, there are more than just a couple pretty cool PDX breweries that love and welcome dogs at their tasting rooms. So why not help dog owners find the best places to eat and drink around Portland? Why not give them cool deals and discounts at each brewery? Why not add breweries like Pelican Brewing at the coast, and breweries in Vancouver too? We quickly realized that Portland is a bit dog obsessed, and we love it! Pick up a Pup Passport today and bring your furry buddies out to breweries with you. We add new breweries, cideries, and dog friendly sponsors all the time! Pick up your Pup Passport here! Cheers!