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Dog & Human Behavior Policy & Expectations

It really boils down to "use good judgement, don't be a jerk, and have fun!" but we're a small company and have to put this here to cover our butts :) Enjoy and please drink responsibly!

  • Pup Passport is for well-behaved dogs (and humans) only. Please do not bring your dog or other humans with you to breweries or other social settings if they have a history of misbehaving. 
  • Define well-behaved: Your dog remains on leash, at or under your table, no barking or growling at other dogs or other patrons, is not on the table, etc. A well behaved dog is calm and polite. A well behaved dog does not make anyone feel uncomfortable. It's a good idea to bring a blanket or dog bed with you to help your dog establish their boundaries. 
  • You are expected to leave if your dog is unable to behave. You will be asked to leave if you fail to excuse yourself. 
  • Dogs must be kept on-leash at all times while at the brewery unless otherwise stated. For example some establishments have fenced-in, off-leash areas
  • There are no breed restrictions. Pup Passport is for well-behaved dogs only, regardless of breed

Legal, Terms of Service - General 

  • You do not have to be a dog owner or have a dog with you to use any of our passports
  • You and your dog(s) can expect to be seated outdoors on brewery patios. Most breweries have covered, heated patios. A select few allow dogs indoors (those that do not have a full kitchen). 
  • Some breweries (those that do not have a full kitchen) are legally allowed to seat dogs indoors if they choose to allow it. 
  • Purchasing a Pup Passport does not guarantee entry into any particular establishment. Establishments can refuse service if you or your dogs are not well-behaved, and some establishments do not allow kids
  • Purchasing a Pup Passport does not guarantee that you are of legal drinking age, and does not guarantee that you will be served alcohol. You are responsible for providing proof of age when requested at each establishment
  • Please drink responsibly!
  • Pup Passport is not responsible for your actions, your guests actions, or your pet's actions while at any establishment, nor traveling to or from any establishment. Pup Passport is not responsible for any injuries, accidents, or penalties from using our digital product while at any given establishment
  • Participating breweries and their offers are subject to change at any time without notice.
  • Pup Passport is not responsible for the actions of any particular brewery entity, or for the actions of employee(s) of any given brewery.
  • Pup Passport is not responsible for any crimes committed while using the passport
  • By purchasing and/or using a Pup Passport, you agree to all of these terms and conditions on this page and agree not to hold Pup Passport responsible for your actions, your guests actions, the actions of employees of any given establishment or entity, or your pet's actions. 

Refunds & Subscriptions

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You can cancel or upgrade to a different monthly package anytime. Click here (after logging in) to manage, pause, or cancel your subscription. 

Frequently Asked Questions & how to use your Pup Passport

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Legal - Oregon and Washington Liquor Compliance

Let's keep this simple. Breweries offer drinks to patrons within the law. The breweries offer space to accommodate dogs within the law. We are not a brewery entity. We are a digital media marketing agency. We do not advertise alcohol. We do not have alcohol. We do not sell alcohol. We sell digital goods. We are not responsible for any laws broken by patrons, employees, or pets at any given brewery or establishment. We do not encourage breaking any laws of any kind for any reason. 

Advertising and Licensure
Pup Passport LLC, and all related products with "Pup Passport" in their name, comply with OLCC and WSLCB laws and regulations. As per OLCC and WSLCB laws and regulations, Pup Passport LLC (herein referred to as "we" and "Pup Passport" and "passport" and "passports") does not sell, exchange, barter, traffic, supply, or distribute alcohol of any kind by any means to any party of any nature for any reason. Furthermore, we do not "advertise" alcohol or alcoholic beverages. Establishments are expected to obey all laws and regulations regarding alcohol and the consumption of alcohol. 

Pup Passport is not a brewery entity. We do not brew beer. We are not an alcohol seller, or reseller. We do not make, create, distribute, give away, hold inventory of, barter, exchange, traffic, supply, advertise, or dispense alcohol of any kind to any entity for any reason at all. No exceptions. We are a digital media and marketing agency. Does Facebook have a liquor license? of course not, because they are not required to. 

We selectively post content on social media platforms relating to our brewery partners. Any party, including digital media agencies, is permitted to post content on social media platforms as they see fit, as long as the content complies with the given social media platform's rules and regulations. We are bound to act within the rules and regulations of the digital platforms that we engage in, such as Instagram and Facebook, and therefore we cannot actually "advertise" alcohol, because those platforms will not and can not ever approve of alcohol related advertisements. We have no intention of advertising alcohol or otherwise circumventing any laws in order to advertise alcohol. We do not claim to advertise alcohol. Ads go through an approval process, and will always be denied if the ad is seen to contain alcohol. On social media platforms, we act within platform guidelines and post content about breweries that appear on the passport, and re-post content that originated from breweries. 

Discounts related to passport purchase
Each passport comes with a list of breweries that have verbally agreed to give Pup Passport holders a pre-disclosed discount at each location upon showing the passport to the given establishment. Breweries are not required to fulfill the discount, and can choose not to for any given reason. Pup Passport does not and can not fulfil any discounts. The breweries are solely responsible for providing alcoholic promotions, therefore, Pup Passport does not give any patron a discount on alcohol. Breweries are responsible for checking and verifying the age of any given patron. Having a Pup Passport does not guarantee entry into any particular establishment. Patrons are required to provide proof of age when asked, if they are purchasing alcohol or any items requiring proof of age. Purchasing a Pup Passport does not guarantee that any given patron will receive alcohol, nor do we make any claims that any party or entity will receive alcohol based on purchasing a passport. 

Offers and discounts are typically 50% off the first pint, unless otherwise stated. Pup Passport DOES NOT contain any offers or discounts that are "Buy one get one" or "bo-go" deals. Pup Passport DOES NOT contain any offers relating in any way to giving away alcohol, free alcohol, alcohol as a prize or gift, or the barter of alcohol. 

Health Claims
Pup Passport does not make, nor contain any content, about making health claims of any sorts. Alcohol is an intoxicating beverage that is documented and known to affect a persons judgement and motor skills. Consuming alcohol can result in death if not consumed responsibly. Alcohol is not part of a healthy diet nor does alcohol cure, treat, or prevent any physical or psychological diseases or ailments. Pup Passport will never, and has never, made any positive health claims about alcohol. 

Pup Passport is not responsible for the actions of any dogs, animals, or pets at any establishment for any given reason. Establishments are expected to obey all laws, regulations, and health codes regarding dog accommodations. Generally speaking, establishments (namely breweries) on the passport have verbally claimed that their establishment can accommodate dogs in defined outdoor spaces, such as outdoor patios on the premise. It is expected by patrons not to bring dogs indoors or in off-limit areas unless stated otherwise by the brewery establishment. We do not encourage bringing animals inside a brewery or establishment if the establishment is not legally allowed to make such accommodations. We are not responsible for any misuse or ignorance of the law by patrons nor establishments. We do not encourage breaking the law. Dogs can sometimes be allowed indoors, as per health code, if the establishment DOES NOT have a full kitchen. It is up to the brewery or any given establishment to honor this health code and we do not encourage or expect others to break any part of any health code in any way for any reason. 

Digital Goods
Pup Passport products are a digital brewery passport. Pup Passport, and all "passport" related products are sold and used as digital goods. Users purchase passports on our website, which gives them access to a digital list and digital map of brewery entities who have verbally agreed to give promotions to our members upon showing their passport to the brewery entity. No part of the passport product is physical. No physical booklets or passports are for sale, nor have they ever been for sale.

Customer behaviors and expectations
We do not, have not, and will not encourage consumption of alcohol to those under the age of legal alcohol consumption. Persons of legal drinking age may determine for themselves whether or not they are fit, able, and willing to consume alcoholic beverages by their own choosing. We are not responsible for the decision made by any persons to consume or not to consume alcoholic beverages. We do not encourage, and will never encourage, any irresponsible or law-breaking action, including but not limited to the irresponsible drinking of alcohol. Please drink responsibly.  

Purchasing a Pup Passport does not guarantee that the buyer is of legal drinking age. We do not and can not reasonably check licenses upon purchase, and are not required to do so for digital goods. We do not make any claims about patrons being guaranteed alcohol at all, or at any given establishment. Passports are sold under the assumption that buyers are aware that the passport does not guarantee alcohol from any entity for any reason. Passports are digital goods. Passports are sold on our website as a digital good. Breweries that appear on the passport are solely responsible for checking each patrons ID for proof of age. We are not responsible for the actions of any patron or user of Pup Passport, the actions of any persons in any given establishment, including employees of any given establishment, nor are we responsible for guests of patrons, any attendee of any given establishment, nor the actions of any pets or animals of any kind.