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All you could possibly want to know about Pup Passport, the dog friendly brewery passport! Got a question that's not on our FAQ? Head over to the Contact Us page and we'll happily answer your question asap!

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Q: I paid for my passport, when will I receive it?
A: Immediately after purchase. After you purchase the passport and create an account, click the "Access my Passport" button on the homepage.

This is a completely digital passport! Please ensure that you are signed into our website with the email you used to purchase, otherwise you will not be able to see the passport. Please also ensure that if you are paying with Google Pay or Apple Pay, that you enter the same email, otherwise 2 accounts will be created and the passport will only appear under the email linked to your Apple / Google Pay.

Q: Is this a physical passport?
A: Nope! Only digital. Digital is way cooler, and let's you navigate to breweries from your phone on Google Maps. Buy the passport on our website, sign in, and that's it! You can also buy your friends a Pup Passport gift card which let's them get a passport fo free! They totally owe you a beer now.

Q: I don't get it... so its a passport, but for dogs?
A: Almost. It's like getting your passport stamped at an airport back in the day, except you get your Pup Passport "stamped" at breweries that allow dogs. All the breweries on the passport have agreed to give you a discount just for showing your passport.

Q: Do I need a dog to participate and get the discounts?
A: Nope! Anyone can buy a Pup Passport, whether they have a dog or not. You are not required to bring your dog to get the discounts at each brewery.

Q: How does it work?
A: Easy. After purchase and signing in, you'll see a list of participating breweries  that want to give you a discount. You can browse breweries in list-view, or by map-view. Show up to any brewery on the list, show them your passport, tap Redeem Offer, and that's it! You can redeem one offer per location per passport.

Q: How long are passports valid?
A: We offer yearly and monthly passports. Yearly passports renew every 365 days and allow you to redeem one offer per location. Monthly passports renew (and reset) every 31 days. All passports are subscription based and can be cancelled at any time with no hassle in the account section of our website.

Q: Does everybody in my party get the discount?
A: Nope, just you. If your party members want to be cool like you and get a discount, they will have to buy a passport for themselves.

Q: Are the discounts one and done for each brewery?
A: Yes, one and done for each location, if you purchased a yearly passport.

If you want to redeem offers more than once, you can purchase a monthly passport, which resets itself every 31 days from purchase. For example: our 4 redemption monthly plan allows you to redeem 4 offers from 4 different locations. After 31 days, those 4 stamps will be removed from your passport, and you can then go back and redeem those same 4 offers if you want to.

Q: Do all breweries have the same discount?
A: Nope! For example, Migration is offering happy hour pricing on food and drinks. Rogue is offering $4 Dead Guy Ale pints. Binary / Uptown Beer Co is giving away pint glasses with any $5 purchase. Other folks are giving away dog bandanas, some people are doing 1, 2, and $3 off first pint, others are doing $1 first pints, Discounts on to-go beer, discounts on online beer orders, etc. Most breweries average $5 worth of deals per location (some have more, some have less).

Q: What about multi-location breweries? Can I redeem the offer there too?
A: Yup! Each brewery's location has their own listing. For example Pelican has a Cannon Beach, Tillamook, and Pacific City pub. Each pub is treated separate, meaning you can get the offer at each of the brewery's locations.

Q: How can I tell what each brewery is offering?
A: After you buy the passport, you'll have access to the brewery list, which shows basic info about each brewery including their offer, website, and a quick-access map. You can scroll through the list or use the brewery map to view offers.

Q: Tell me more about the breweries?
A: Sure thing. These breweries always have dog bowls for water, and typically have outdoor patios to accommodate you and your pup. Most locations serve food, which means you'll be seated outdoors if you bring your dog. Breweries, especially post-covid, have outdoor heated and covered patios for you and your pup. Some locations do not have a full kitchen and therefore allow dogs indoors, such as with Threshold Brewing, and you can bring your own food to those places by law. We have provided the brewery's website on the passport so you can take a look at their brews and menu.

In 2022, we have over 50 different locations that you can bring your pup, spanning from Portland to Hillsboro, Vancouver and Camas, and plenty in between, with a handful of spots on the Oregon coast too.

Q: I'm a dog friendly brewery in Oregon, or pet friendly business in Oregon. How do I get involved?
A: Pup Passport is very open to new breweries and partners joining. Visit our Contact Page and let us know that you want to get involved!

Q: I've heard about other pub passes, brewery passes, etc, what's different about this one?
A: We started Pup Passport in 2021 when we adopted our rescue Pup, Mr. Riley. We grew tired of calling ahead to figure out which placed were dog friendly,  because we hated the idea of leaving the poor guy at home. We wanted to make a passport that took out all the guess work. There are a few different pub-passes, brewery passes, etc floating around but they don't last long. They usually don't have any sort of discount program like Pup Passport does, and to our knowledge, there is only one other dog-friendly brewery passport in the nation, and they only have physical passports available. Our dog-friendly passport is completely digital, which makes it easy for you to use (and hard to lose), featuring an interactive map, and it allows us to make changes to the passport to improve it all the time and add new location. We started with 25 breweries in July of 2021, and it has quickly grown to over 50 locations.

Also, We donate 5% of passport sales to the Oregon Humane Society, and you can also donate to OHS during checkout. Our profits go back to advertising and improving the passport, which means more people buy it, which means more donations are given to OHS pets in need.

Q: What are some example breweries on the passport?
Take a look at some of our top picks in our recent article.

Q: Can't I just go to these breweries without a Pup Passport?
A: Sure, knock yourself out. You're welcome to go to any of these breweries that we mention without having a passport. BUT! Having a Pup Passport gets you over $150 in brewery discounts, (plus over $200 in discounts from our pet friendly partners such as Next Adventure) which is pretty sweet, and you'll have an interactive map to help you plan your pupventures. We found that it's pretty handy to use after hikes, after snowboarding, to find places close to the airport, etc.

We've been told that Pup Passport makes for a great date-night activity and is a great tool for planning outings. We recognize that not everyone wants to buy a specialized passport, and that's perfectly ok!


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