Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pup Passport?

Pup Passport is a digital, dog-friendly brewery passport experience. The passport features many breweries where you can bring your dog and also makes it easy to navigate directly to those places from your phone. Our brewery map shows your current location and helps you choose breweries based on where you are or where you want to go. Pup Passport members enjoy exclusive discounts at each location on the passport.
Demo! How to use your passport
After purchase, you can access your passport by logging into our website, and then clicking on Access My Passport on the homepage. The passport features a list-view of breweries to check out, and you can also browse breweries on a map to help you plan your trips.

At the brewery: Click on the brewery in your passport and show them your phone when you arrive. The brewery employee will click "Redeem Offer" on your passport, and will then give you the discount.

How to Redeem Offers
Once seated, click on the brewery in your passport and show them your phone. The brewery employee will click "Redeem Offer" on your passport, and will then give you the discount. Offers are one-and-done per location per passport holder, unless otherwise stated by the brewery.

Issues logging in
Login Issues
Apple Pay and Google Pay users will sometimes need to login using the email associated with your Apple / Google pay account. Please email us if you have issues logging in or would like to change your login email.

I purchased my passport. Where is it?
Pup Passport is completely digital. You can access your passport by logging into your account on our website. After logging in, click the Access My Passport button on the homepage. Please contact us if you need some help logging in.
How long are passports valid?
We have 2 types of passports available: Yearly and monthly. Yearly passports renew yearly and you'll be able to redeem all the same offers again after 365 days from the original purchase date. Monthly passports renew and reset each month, allowing you to get the same offers month after month. All passports are subscription-based and can be canceled anytime on the account settings page.
Manage my payments & subscriptions
Please login to our website and head to the account settings page. You can click on Subscriptions to cancel or upgrade your existing passport. You can cancel or upgrade to  a different monthly package anytime.
Account sharing & Passport Transfers
Transfer My Passport
You're more than welcome to gift your passport to someone else. We recommend resetting your password first and then cancelling your subscription in your account settings so you don't get charged again, and then you can send them your login details. Please contact us if you'd like to change the login email - we don't bite!

You can also buy a digital Pup Passport gift card here.

Account Sharing
You share your Netflix account, so why not share your brewery passport? Our monthly unlimited redemption plan is great for that. The yearly passport lets you get one offer per brewery per year. The redemptions on our monthly plans reset each month which means you can go back to your favorite breweries and get the offers. We have 4, 8, and unlimited monthly redemption plans available. You can upgrade to a monthly plan at anytime by selecting a monthly plan on the purchase page.
Do I have to have a dog? Are cats allowed?
Nope, you don't need to bring your dog (or even own a dog) to redeem offers on the passport. And yes, cats are allowed! In fact, many breweries have told us that any well behaved pets are allowed. We are Portland's only brewery passport, and we happen to only include dog-friendly locations, but you do not need to bring your dog or pet with you to redeem the offers. Many non-dog owners enjoy the brewery passport.
Do all breweries have the same offer?
Nope. When we made Pup Passport, we wanted breweries to offer something that best suited them, instead of insisting they conform to one thing. The Seattle offers are mostly 50% off your first pint, with a couple exceptions. The Portland offers are more spread out, and you'll find discounts on flights, pints, meals, and more.
The brewery won't give me my discount
Unfortunately it does happen from time to time. With covid, it can be difficult to properly train and onboard new employees. However, we've instructed each brewery to make their employees aware of Pup Passport, and it works 99% of the time. Sometimes you can tell the employee that you have a coupon, or politely ask for a manager. If for some reason that does not work, please email us! We will reach out to them and make it right.
Are offers one and done? Does my whole group get the discount?
Yes by default, brewery offers are one-and-done per location. There are a couple places that have ongoing offers such as Great Notion. Only those who have a Pup Passport are elligible for the discount, unless otherwise stated by the brewery. Yearly passports are one-and-done per year, and monthly passports are one-and-done per month.
Is your mascot modeled after a real dog?
Yup! We rescued Riley when he was 5 months old during the Covid-19 pandemic and inspired us to create Pup Passport. He is usually seen sporting a bow tie and has one floppy ear. According to a pet DNA test, he is a German Shepherd mix.