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Drive targeted traffic into your taproom. Guaranteed.

craft Brewery SEO

outrank the competition

Open Google. Search for "breweries near me." Does your brewery pop up? Who's that other brewery above you? Did you know that Google search results change based on where you're physically standing? We help people find you on Google, Waze, Apple Maps, Tom Tom, and more. 

more media in more places

More media in more places means you'll get to the first page faster. We take care of your overall online presence by distributing your branding and content to a wide variety of multimedia outlets. We also write and distribute press releases for you so you don't have to, and we send your stories directly to our beer industry contacts for increased exposure. Get noticed on major news outlets and drive traffic from all angles. 

brew more. Worry less.

Why spend time doing marketing and SEO research when you could be brewing more beer? Breweries are typically great at doing what they do best... brewing beer!  We enjoy working with the underdogs, the small breweries who want to stand out from the pack. Why not show more people how great your beer is?

What's included?

  • We'll do keyword research and hand you a baseline report to see how you appear on Google today
  • Monthly keyword reports to show progress over time

  • Monthly press releases

  • Distribute your branding and content to various multimedia and map platforms each month
  • Google My Business audit

  • Website Audit 

A proven Track record

Pup Passport co-founder Stephen (Steve) Guarino innovated in the marketing and tech world for years prior to opening Pup Passport. As the lead SEO strategist for an automotive marketing and SEO company, Steve helped over 60 clients outrank the competition and drive sales. Steve continues to innovate with Pup Passport and at Intel Corporation as a Software Security Manager.  In less than 1 year of opening, Pup Passport achieved better placement on Google than national competitors who have been operating for many years longer than Pup Passport and on a relatively low budget. We're here to help underdog breweries get the foot traffic they deserve.

SEO or paid ads?

Which one should you invest in: Google ads, or Search Engine Optimization? We like to think about this on a case by case basis but generally we recommend that new businesses start with some type of ad spending and marketing to quickly grab attention. We recommend starting SEO early since it can take time to lay a strong foundation. The goal of SEO is to replace or supplement ad spend. Most people ignore or never see Google ads because of the prevalence of ad blockers and private browsing. We'll help you with your SEO strategy and put your brewery on the map so you can brew more beer.

How long does it take to see results?

Short answer: 1 to 3 months.
Long answer: it depends on how many breweries or similar businesses are around you. For example it will be harder to boost a brewery in downtown Portland than one in Hillsboro or Beaverton. Google prefers to see that data (map submissions, press-releases, etc) is published on a regular basis, so you will generally get better results from using our service for more than one month. However, you're more than welcome to cancel at anytime for any reason.

What's different about your marketing?

We're a small company. Our rates are lower than SEO agencies because we don't have all the overhead. Many SEO agency strategies are outdated. They put a lot of work into developing a strategy that they can copy and paste for hundreds of clients and they stick with it for years. Then they wonder why their customers aren't seeing results. We're able to be selective and adaptive in our approach. If something isn't working, we change it. Additionally, many companies use what the industry calls "black hat methods" which basically means they submit your data to a bunch of low quality, often irrelevant, websites using bots. No robots here, just high quality content and placement.

Are results permanent?

Yes and no. Let's say you were not on the first page of Google prior to starting our services. Fast forward 3 months, and you are now #1 for "brewery in hillsboro" and you cancel your service. It could take 1 to 6 months, but eventually your Google position will start to drop again. Google likes to see constant activity. 

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, absolutely. You can cancel anytime by sending us an email. Please allow a couple business days, however, we can cancel services same-day in most cases.