PDX Pup Passport

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Portland's Dog-friendly Brewery Passport

Discover over 45 dog-friendly breweries across Portland and the surrounding areas and get 50% off your first pint! Plus discounts on merch, food, and more, depending on the brewery. Do you love dogs? Do you love beer? Do you enjoy drinking beer with your dog? That's exactly what Pup Passport is all about.

  • Discover dog-friendly breweries
  • Show your passport to get beer discounts (50% off your first pint, and more) 
  • Drink beer with your dog!
  • Collect a green paw print on your passport at each spot you visit
  • Pick between yearly and monthly passports 

No more calling ahead! All Pup Passport locations have been verified dog-friendly. If you love exploring new places to eat and drink, this is for you. If you're looking for a cool date night activity, this is for you too.

Pup Passport is completely digital, making it easy to find breweries on the go. You can scroll through a list of participating breweries, or check out the brewery map to find locations closest to you. Physical brewery passports are a thing of the past. Not to mention we'll be adding new breweries from time to time - at no extra cost to you!

Yearly Brewery Passports

Offers are one-and-done per location per year. Green paw prints are erased yearly from date of purchase.

Monthly Brewery Passports

Offers are one-and-done per location per month. Your green paw prints get erased each month and you can go back and get your favorite offers.

How to Use your Brewery Passport

After purchase, please create and confirm your account to start using your passport. Login to our website, click the Access My Portland Passport button, and you're all set to grab a pint with your pup!

Planning a trip to Oregon coast with your pup? Travel Portland has a great article about where you can bring your pup on the Oregon coast, called Dog friendly Weekend at the Oregon Coast. our brewery passport features several dog friendly breweries along the coast such as Pelican, Public Coast, and Rogue. These breweries make for a perfect pit stop after a day of hiking and exploring!

    A Brewery Passport for Everyone

    We are Portland's only brewery passport and our passport is completely digital, making it easy for us to add new breweries and making it easy for you to navigate to each of them on your phone. You don't need a dog to get discounts at the breweries! In fact, lots of people love our brewery passport, not just dog owners. We focus on Breweries (places that make their own beer) instead of just pubs (anywhere that sells beer on tap), and all of our locations are verified dog friendly. We do also have a handful of pretty cool pubs by the way. Also, you can redeem a special offer or discount at each location. We're a small business, and love dogs!

    What is a Brewery Passport?

    A brewery passport can come by many names: pub pass, Pint Passport, Beer Passport, Ale Trail, Pub Crawl, etc. Traditionally having a pub pass meant you had a small booklet featuring a couple of hand picked bars, pubs, breweries, etc, anywhere that sells alcohol. A pub pass is organized by region, such as by city or state. However, most places that appeared in booklets weren't always aware of it, and the passports aren't usually supported for very long. The booklet was simply a list of places to drink, and that's it.

    Pup Passport takes it to a whole new level. Booklets are outdated. We use a digital passport so that you won't lose it, we can add more places all the time, update it constantly, allow you to navigate to each place on your smart phone, and not to mention you can bring your dog to all of our locations, and you get a discount at each place! Pup Passport is uniting the dog and brewery communities in Portland, and we're here to stay!

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