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PDX's Dog-friendly Brewery Passport

Do you love dogs? Do you love beer? Do you enjoy drinking beer with your dog? That's exactly what Pup Passport is all about. The PDX Pup Passport is your new new companion for exploring the best of Pacific Northwest craft beer with your furry friend. Show your passport to any participating brewery to redeem a special offer or discount. With over 50 locations to choose from, your summer is about to get a whole lot cooler. Each passport comes with over $150 is brewery savings, plus over $200 worth of discounts from local retailers. Cat's are also allowed!

Each brewery has been hand picked and verified dog friendly so that you don't have to worry about leaving your furry friend behind. No more calling ahead! If you love exploring new places to eat and drink, this is for you. It's like getting your passport stamped at an airport back in the day, but with breweries that allow dogs (and you save money too).

Now offering yearly and monthly brewery passports! Yearly passports...well...last a year. You can redeem one offer per location, and the passport renews each year. Monthly passports renew and reset monthly, and are available for travelers, people who just want to try it out, and for enthusiasts who want to go back to their favorite breweries each month and get the offers again.

Pup Passport is completely digital, making it easy to find breweries on the go. You can scroll through a list of participating breweries, or check out our brewery map to find locations closest to you, or by the PDX airport if you want, and easily navigate to them from your phone.

Pup Passport makes for a perfect date night too! Hey babe, where should we go this weekend? Checkmate. Feel good about your purchase knowing that 5% of sales are donated to Oregon Humane Society!

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Participating Breweries (and more)

    Pub Pass Breweries

    The history of Pup Passport

    Pup Passport was created by me and my fiance back in 2021 when we adopted our rescue pup, Mr. Riley (that floppy eared mutt on our logo!) We grew tired of trying to maintain a spreadsheet of breweries that allowed dogs, so we said hey, maybe other people might like this too... and maybe it would be cool if they got discounts. And here we are! No corporate mumbo jumbo, just us and a couple advisors :) It's actually pretty funny that most people assume we're a big company - and I think they get that idea because of how many breweries we work with.

    The cool thing about having a digital passport is that we add new breweries all the time! brewery passport features many smaller, hidden gems in Portland such as Brewery 26, Threshold Brewing, Three Mugs, and more, alongside bigger breweries such as Rogue, Hopworks, Ecliptic, Breakside, and more.

    Planning a trip to Oregon coast with your pup?

    Travel Portland has a great article about where you can bring your pup on the Oregon coast, called Dog friendly Weekend at the Oregon Coast. our brewery passport features several dog friendly breweries along the coast such as Pelican, Public Coast, and Rogue. These breweries make for a perfect pit stop after a day of hiking and exploring!

    Exclusive deals for you and your pup

    Every brewery has their own special offer. Offers may include discounts on pints and flights, free or discounted merchandise (pint glasses, dog bandanas, etc) savings on to-go drinks, savings on meal items, etc. Brewery deals and savings are over $150 in value total. For example Rogue is offering $4 dead Guy Ale pints, Migration is offering happy hour pricing on food and drinks, Vanguard has $1 first pints, Binary, Uptown Beer Co, and Hammer & Stitch have free pint glasses with any purchase, Brewery 26 is offering a pint and a flight for $10, Great Notion has an ongoing offer (any time you visit of 10% off food and drinks, etc. Offers can range from $1 in value, up to $5 in value per location.

    How does it work?

    Easy: buy a passport on our website, create an account, and then login. Click My PDX Passport in the menu, or click the Access My Passport! button on the homepage. The passport shows a list of participating locations, and also has a handy map that shows your current location, to help you pick which brewery to visit. 


    PDX Brewery Passport

    Your passport can take you to breweries in Portland, Hillsboro, Astoria, Cannon Beach, Vancouver WA, Camas WA, Lake Oswego, Newberg, Beaverton, Tillamook, Pacific City, Wilsonville, and more! The blue mugs below represent each brewery or pub that you can visit. The Purple paw is Oregon Humane Society!

    Featuring an Interactive Map

    Once you buy the passport, you'll have access to an interactive map to help you plan your adventures. You can zoom in on each location and select one to navigate using your favorite gps app (Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze, etc).

    Pub Pass Map

    How do I redeem offers?

    After purchase and logging in you can browse breweries, view their offers and info, navigate to each one using your smart phone. Simply show your server your passport and click the redeem button. Your server will then give you your discount or offer!

      Why Choose Pup Passport?

      We are Portland's only brewery passport and our passport is completely digital, making it easy for us to add new breweries and making it easy for you to navigate to each of them on your phone. We focus on Breweries (places that make their own beer) instead of just pubs (anywhere that sells beer on tap), and all of our locations are verified dog friendly. We do also have a handful of pretty cool pubs by the way. Also, you can redeem a special offer or discount at each location. We're a small business, and love dogs!

      What is a Brewery Passport?

      A brewery passport can come by many names: pub pass, Pint Passport, Beer Passport, Ale Trail, Pub Crawl, etc. Traditionally having a pub pass meant you had a small booklet featuring a couple of hand picked bars, pubs, breweries, etc, anywhere that sells alcohol. A pub pass is organized by region, such as by city or state. However, most places that appeared in booklets weren't always aware of it, and the passports aren't usually supported for very long. The booklet was simply a list of places to drink, and that's it.

      Pup Passport takes it to a whole new level. Booklets are outdated. We use a digital passport so that you won't lose it, we can add more places all the time, update it constantly, allow you to navigate to each place on your smart phone, and not to mention you can bring your dog to all of our locations, and you get a discount at each place! Pup Passport is uniting the dog and brewery communities in Portland, and we're here to stay!

      Looking for a Brewery Passport or a Pub Pass in PDX? We have you covered.

      Our brewery passport was created with you and your dog in mind. We wanted a fun way for dog owners to be able to go out and eat and drink with their dogs.  Calling ahead to see if you can bring your dog is never fun and Pup Passport takes out the guess work. Breweries don't usually mention if they are dog friendly on their websites. All the location on the pass have been verified dog friendly, and you'll get a discount at each place too! Not only will you have an easy way to discover and track your favorite pubs and breweries, but you'll save money at the same time. Pup Passport is perfect for date nights!



      Terms of Service, Disclaimer

      This is a digital product that gives you access to Oregon, USA based breweries. DO NOT buy this product if you do not intend to visit Oregon. If you can't or won't travel to Oregon, then this passport is of no use to you. Please do not buy a passport if you are under 21 years of age.

      • The Passport is digital - no physical passports are for sale
      • You do not need to own a dog to participate
      • Limited to one exclusive offer per passport-holder, or at the discretion of each participating location.

      • Yearly Passports are valid for 1 year after the date of purchase and renew 361 days after purchase. Monthly passports renew 31 days after purchase.

      By purchasing this digital passport, you agree to the following:

      We are not able to offer refunds on passports due to the nature of digital goods. You can re-gift it if you want :)

      Each guest you bring will need a passport of their own if they want to receive the exclusive deal from any given location. (one deal per person per passport).

      By purchasing this digital product, you agree to the terms stated here and will not hold Pup Passport LLC accountable for any of your actions, your guests actions, or your dog(s) actions as a result of purchasing the PDX Pup Passport at any participating locations on the passport. We are not responsible for actions of others or injuries to yourself, your guest(s), or your dog(s). 

      Only individuals of legal drinking age (21+) are allowed to consume alcohol in any manner. Purchasing any product on this website does not guarantee legal drinking age. Users must show their ID when asked at each location upon requesting to purchase alcohol. Users under 21 are allowed to purchase the passport but will NOT legally be allowed to receive any alcohol related discounts given by any location on the passport. For this reason, we urge people under 21 not to purchase this product. You will not be eligible for a refund. 

      Purchasing this digital product (pdx pup passport) does not guarantee that you will receive the exclusive one-time deal at any given location. Deals and discounts are only given while supplies last at each location, and the participating location reserves the right to refuse service for any non-discriminatory reason. However, the breweries are aware of Pup Passport, and have prepared to give you discounts and deals. Most of the deals are discounts related to alcohol, and some involve free pint glasses with any purchase, or dog bandanas, etc.

      The list of participating breweries, cideries and pubs may change without notice, however, it is our goal to extend this list as much as possible (and our list of sponsors too) so you can get the best deals at the coolest dog friendly breweries. Locations may change their deals without notice and only while supplies last. We do our best to communicate with each location to ensure the best possible experience, but it is possible that a location may discontinue or change an offer before contacting us to update the website. We do not offer refunds for the pup passport or for animal shelter donations due to the nature of digital-goods. You are responsible for presenting the passport once per location in order to redeem one exclusive deal from each location. You are not required to redeem the deal at any given location: you may decline at your own discretion.

      Please uphold all local COVID-19 policies while participating in the passport, at each location, and in all applicable environments.

      Each participating location has told us that they welcome and allow dogs at their location. We are not held responsible if the location decides to temporarily discontinue that policy (and if this happens, please contact us). Each location can refuse entry to poorly behaved dogs: this passport does not guarantee that your dog will be allowed entry. it is your responsibility to judge whether or not your dog is able to behave in an acceptable manner around other people and dogs, and you must leave the location if your dog behaves in a threatening or unsafe manner, or if they cause a scene or disrupt acceptable dining conditions. We are not responsible for any harm or injury caused by or to your dog while at any location or while traveling to or from any location.

      We are not responsible for any misuse of the passport or for any misconduct at any given location caused by yourself, your dog(s) (and to your dog(s)), or your guests. We are independently owned and are not directly affiliated with any given location unless otherwise stated, therefore, we are not able to speak for each location's  policies, menu items, and we are not able to give you discounts on their behalf outside of each exclusive offer within the passport.

      Please drink responsibly!